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Graco 235998 Thermal Pressure Relief Kit, 600 psi Rated

Graco 235998 Thermal Pressure Relief Kit, 600 psi Rated

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Designed for Series C, Fire-Ball 225, 3:1 and 1/4:1 Dyna-Star pumps

Maximum Fluid Relief Pressure psi:

The thermal relief kits are recommended based on Graco pump and component performance. You may need to change the thermal relief kit selection from application to application, depending on pump air operating pressure and fluid working pressures of system components. For example, there may be times when you wish to use 900 psi (6.2 MPa, 62 bar) thermal relief kit instead of the 1600 psi (11 MPa, 110 bar) thermal relief kit for Fire-Ball 425, 6:1. The lower relief pressure may ensure other (non-Graco) in-line components do not fail due to over-pressurization.

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