Truck Stops and Stations, Compliance and Testing – Illinois Oil Marketing Equipment

Ensuring that you're doing it the right way every day

The Compliance department is here to provide customers a variety of testing and inspection services.

  • Dri-Sump Testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Line testing
  • Tank testing (Coming Soon!)
  • Cathodic Protection Testing
  • Sensor Testing
  • 30-Day Walkthrough/Monthly Inspections/Annual Inspections/Triennial Inspections
  • Diesel Tank Treatment
  • Calibration
  • N.O.V. Solutions
  • Stage I Vapor Testing

We tailor these services to fit the needs of your site, from single site owners to multiple location contracts. We help you to be pro-active by keeping your site in compliance with the Illinois State Office of the Fire Marshal. Complete compliance reports are sent to you as well as your site to keep your employees ready for inspections.

Contact the Compliance Dept at

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