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Blending BioDiesel Basics

Illinois Oil Marketing Equipment (IOME) and AGI-Junge Control have been working together since 2006 in BioDiesel blending equipment. Due to this long-term relationship and the continuing work we provide to our customers, we have amassed a great amount of expertise on the topic. Our job is to provide the know-how and equipment to help our customers’ profit. 


To Sell BioDiesel or not?

 You may already be selling BioDiesel. If so, you have already answered this question. For others, here are things to consider:

 Because of its original soybean based source, BioDiesel naturally began to grow from the center of the country outward. Most Bio was Midwestern in origin, and early adopters were from the area. Additional bio feedstocks and the growth of the business has expanded such that BioDiesel is now available on a nationwide scale. Most if not all of the trucks that buy from you have run, quite well, on BioDiesel.

 Like it or not, one of the most compelling reasons truckers turn in to a given truck stop is the price on the sign. BioDiesel directly impacts that. Depending on your location, the RIN credits, blenders tax credits, and state-level incentives/tax credits can provide the ability to have a lower price and also keep a bit of extra margin for yourself. That’s a mighty strong attraction.

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